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Editors with science MSc/PhDs

All editors speak English as a native language and have Masters or PhDs from universities in the United Kingdom.

Our laboratory experience enables us to edit manuscripts in a wide range of subjects in the life sciences.

Friendly and professional

We treat each manuscript with professionalism and care, and return every edit within the turnaround time you select.

When you contact us, you'll communicate directly with the editor who will manage the editing of your manuscript.

Personalised feedback

If you choose our intensive editing service, we will provide personalised, constructive advice on your manuscript.

We combine our skill as science editors with our science education and laboratory experience to help you create a clear, easy-to-read paper.

"You can really rely on this service..."

I was not sure what to expect because it was the first time that I ever used a professional service for editing.

However, I found Science Editing Experts very good and professional, and they provided brilliant suggestions for improving my text.

Also very fast, on time, no excuses and no delays and constructive communication, so I was able to ask and get immediate and helpful responses.

You can really rely on this service, I never was disappointed!

Prof. Dr. rer. nat., Biologin Patricia Holm

Departement Umweltwissenschaften, Universität Basel

I would like to share the news about the recent publication of our book chapter about Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage and Resolution of Inflammation. It was great news that our chapter was published as “online first” due to its potential relevance to clinical research.

I would like to acknowledge the importance of your professional editing service. During the process of revision of our manuscript by the publisher, we were asked to change just minor aspects, but absolutely nothing about English language.

I think the high-quality written English provided by Science Editing Experts was a crucial factor for the publication success.

Dr. Rodrigo Zapata, M.D.

Neurosurgeon, Rancagua, Chile

Our editors have worked as scientists, so we know how important your research is.

That's why we make two important promises to you...

Money Back Guarantee

It is difficult to choose a new scientific editor. That's why we make a really important promise to all of our customers: if you're not happy with our editing, you can have your money back!

We're confident you'll be happy - none of our customers have asked for their money back yet!

Privacy and Confidentiality

Science Editing Experts are a small group of full-time, dedicated scientific editors.

We will not share your identity, email address, research findings or manuscript with anyone. There is no risk of your competitors seeing your important data before you publish.

Editing Options and Prices

Basic 7 day Editing




Basic English and grammar proofreading - content and order of text not assessed


  • Complete spell check
  • Punctuation and grammar check
  • Appropriate use of tenses
  • Correct sentence construction
  • Basic scientific formatting
  • Text edited using "Track Changes"

Recommended for most authors

Intensive 7 day Editing




Intensive editing of English, content made clear, flow and presentation of information optimised

Includes Basic Editing Plus

  • Comprehensive review of flow of information
  • Clarification of vague statements
  • Removal of unnecessary text
  • Correct scientific styles & rules
  • Minor rearrangement of text
  • Suggestions for figures and tables
  • Basic table formatting
  • Minor word count reduction (< 15%)
  • Formatting to journal instructions


Personalised feedback and advice on your manuscript

Other Services

Please Ask

  • Major rewriting of text
  • Major word count reduction (> 15%)
  • Writing abstract
  • Writing highlights
  • Major rearrangement of text
  • Other services or requests

In a rush?

Three-day turnaround editing costs 50% more: £67.50 GBP/British Pounds Sterling per 1000 words for three-day basic editing and £45.00 GBP/British Pounds Sterling for seven-day intensive editing

Please enquire about the cost of editing for large files

Special re-edit rates available

Sometimes accepted manuscripts need to changed to satisfy the journal reviewers (e.g. if you were asked to add more data or include other information in the discussion). If your manuscript was previously edited by Science Editing Experts, we offer lower re-edit rates for editing the new text or whole re-written manuscript.

" I can help you submit your manuscript with confidence"

Andrea Devlin PhD

Chief editor and owner of Science Editing Experts

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