Cost of our English scientific editing services

The cost of our editing service is very competitive for high-quality science editing and personalised advice from PhD qualified scientific editors.  All of our editors have extensive laboratory experience and first-hand experience of publishing their own work in peer-reviewed journals, so they can help you communicate your research effectively.

The cost of our services depends on the number of words in the document, the level of editing and the turnaround time you require.  The prices are in British Pounds (GBP / Pounds Sterling / £).

Our turnaround times include weekends.  For example, if you submit your paper for seven day turnaround editing on Monday at 2 pm, it will be returned before 2 pm on the next Monday.

We also offer discounts for documents larger than 10,000 words and research groups who submit multiple papers for editing.  Please contact us for further details.


Intensive science editing service

Recommended for most authors; £0.045 GBP per word for seven day turnaround

Intensive science editing is a comprehensive, through process. Your editor will check and improve your document so it contains the highest standard of scientific English; this often involves rewriting whole sentences or small sections to clarify the meaning of the text.

Where necessary, the order of the text may be rearranged to provide the most logical flow of arguments and ideas.  For example, if a large section of text from the discussion would be more appropriate in the introduction, then your editor will move the text to the appropriate location, and explain why this move was necessary in a comment box.

With intensive editing, the editors frequently offer personalised feedback so you understand the changes and improve your scientific writing skills.  This is done by placing numerous comments throughout the edited text; here are some examples of the comments our editors provide.  If the editor can’t understand a sentence, or if a sentence could have multiple meanings, they will contact you during editing to make sure the text reflects your message correctly.

The intensive editing service includes:

  • All editing tracked using track changes in Microsoft Word
  • Complete US English or UK English spell check
  • Use of correct punctuation and grammar
  • Agreement of past, present and future tenses, as appropriate
  • Text edited to a natural, flowing style of scientific English
  • Editing to express your ideas clearly and concisely
  • Check for a logical flow throughout the paper
  • Clarification of statements with vague or multiple meanings
  • Removal of repetitive or unnecessary text
  • Re-writing of awkward or unclear sections of text, if necessary
  • Application of appropriate scientific styles and conventions
  • Formatting of the title, headings and subheadings if necessary
  • Rearrangement of text to the optimal order, if necessary
  • Personalised feedback and writing advice, where appropriate
  • Editing of figure legends, table titles and footnotes
  • Suggestion of running titles and keywords, if necessary
  • Check of figure and table citations in text are correct
  • Suggested improvements for figures and tables, if required
  • Basic table formatting, if necessary
  • Minor word count reduction (<15% or less), if necessary


Basic science editing service

Recommended for authors with a high standard of scientific English; £0.025 GBP per word for seven day turnaround

If you would like your thesis or manuscript checked to ensure there are no mistakes in the English and receive some minor alterations, then choose our basic science editing service, which includes:

  • All editing tracked using track changes in Microsoft Word
  • Complete US English or UK English spell check
  • Use of correct punctuation and grammar
  • Agreement of past, present and future tenses, as appropriate
  • Check for correct sentence construction
  • Editing of figure legends, table titles and footnotes 


Other services

Express editing; cost of editing plus 25%

In a rush? If you upgrade to express editing, then you will receive your edited files within three days of submission (includes weekends).


Formatting to comply with the Instructions to Authors for a specific journal; £30 GBP

If you want your document formatted to follow the guidelines for a specific journal, then your editor can make the necessary changes to the margins, styles, headings and layout of your manuscript. This service also includes a reference style check.


Word count reduction (reduce by 15% or more); cost of editing plus 25%

It is often difficult to meet the strict word limits set by specific journals when writing your paper. Your editor can reduce the word count of your manuscript while maintaining all of the information, data and ideas in the document.


Thesis and document formatting; please contact us for pricing

Our editors can help you format your thesis or large files to specific requirements. For example, we can create the Table of Contents, List of Figures and List of Tables for your PhD thesis.

We can also help with creating template files for your thesis chapters before you start to write, or format the styles of your headings and number the pages, headings, tables and figures when the thesis is complete. Let Science Editing Experts do this work so you can concentrate on writing!



If you would like to receive an exact quote for your documents, please use our quote request form.

You can also find out more about submitting your files and our editing process.  Please contact us if you have any other questions about our English language editing services.