Want to overcome the challenges of scientific writing, without major headaches and unnecessary frustration?

If you’re a student, postdoc, researcher, professor, or PI in the sciences, you have to...

  • submit a well-written dissertation or paper that won’t raise comments about the quality of the English and will allow the reviewers/examiners to focus on the science
  • produce scientific writing that any other scientist could understand and interpret, not just your research group or experts in the same field
  • make sure your writing clearly defines your specific research gap and highlights your novel contribution to knowledge

but scientific writing isn't easy!

  • nobody really teaches or guides you and - when you ask for help - the criticism and feedback destroy your confidence and make you want to quit
  • you're just expected to be able to "write", but imposter syndrome and confusion are holding you back
  • you want to stop worrying about writing and have more time for actually doing research
  • and you need to move your career forward (or graduate and escape the lab), but you're stuck with constant rewrites and headaches.

Andrea Devlin PhD, Editor of Science Editing Experts

Hello, I'm Andrea!

Writing your PhD thesis and journal manuscripts can be frustrating. Sometimes, you don't even know where to start or what to write!

I experienced those same feelings of a lack of confidence and doubt as a PhD student and postdoc researcher.

Thankfully, I was lucky to have kind supervisors who helped me develop effective scientific writing skills.

Now, I help science PhD students and established researchers overcome the challenges of scientific writing, so they can submit with confidence and have more time for research.

A little help and friendly guidance can really help you to complete your PhD thesis or submit journal manuscripts with confidence.

Andrea Devlin PhD

Chief editor and owner of Science Editing Experts

Here's how we can work together...

Editing & Proofreading

Want to make sure your dissertation or journal paper communicates your research clearly, so you can submit with confidence and avoid comments like “ask a native speaker to check the text”?

Unlike other services that employ careless proofreaders with no scientific knowledge, I leverage my 10+ years’ experience of editing to help you communicate the novelty of your work — so you can become recognised in your field.

Writing Support

Need support to write your dissertation or journal paper, so you can prove your expertise without overwhelming stress and unnecessary criticism?

Unlike intimidating supervisors and ESL instructors who don't understand science, I simplify writing into small, achievable steps and give you personalised, supportive feedback — so you can banish imposter syndrome and graduate or publish and progress your career.

Submitting a well-written paper or thesis

doesn't have to be so difficult and frustrating!

Here’s what some scientists and PhD students say:

The service exceeded my expectations because it not only removed many errors, but overall increased clarity and readability by suggesting alternative phrasing.

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Philipp Hirsch, PhD student

University of Basel, Switzerland

I think the high-quality written English provided by Science Editing Experts was a crucial factor for the publication success.

Flag of Chile from https://www.vecteezy.com/png/11571476-circle-flag-of-chile

Dr. Rodrigo Zapata, M.D.

Neurosurgeon, Chile

Everything was perfect, I will use your service again! Excellent editing, very fast, really good communication, and much better service than others I used before.

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Now, the two papers were accepted by Frontiers. Thanks Andrea!

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PhD student

Fudan University

The service, quality of work and communication are brilliant.

Flag of Finland from https://www.vecteezy.com/png/11571467-circle-flag-of-finland

JM, PhD student in osteopathy


Busy scientists...

discover 30 word swaps to improve your scientific writing

Easy 'Find and Replace' strategies to make your scientific writing clearer, with zero effort!

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Busy scientists...

discover 30 word swaps to improve your scientific writing

Easy 'Find and Replace' strategies to make your scientific writing clearer, with zero effort!

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