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Testimonial Science Editing Experts Patricia Holm

Patricia Holm | Prof. Dr. rer. nat., Biologin

Departement Umweltwissenschaften, Universität Basel

"I was not sure what to expect because it was the first time that I ever used a professional service for editing. Especially, I did not know how a person not familiar with my field of research would deal with a very topic-specific manuscript.

However, I found Science Editing Experts very good and professional, and they provided brilliant suggestions for improving my text. Also very fast, on time, no excuses and no delays and constructive communication, so I was able to ask and get immediate and helpful responses.

You can really rely on this service, I never was disappointed! The service can really be recommended!"

We all know scientific writing is difficult.

Writing your PhD thesis and journal manuscripts can be frustrating.  Sometimes, you don't even know where to start or what to write.  

I experienced those same feelings of a lack of confidence and doubt as a PhD student and postdoc researcher.

Scientific writing is a skill that needs to be practised.

Thankfully, my supervisors provided constructive advice and helped me develop effective scientific writing skills.  

In turn, I enjoyed sharing these writing skills and tips with students.

You can develop better writing skills.

I started Science Editing Experts because I saw many scientists struggle to write about their research.

A little help and friendly guidance can really help you to complete your PhD thesis or submit journal manuscripts with confidence.

Andrea Devlin PhD

Chief editor and owner of Science Editing Experts

Andrea Devlin Scientific editor Science Editing Experts

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Do you wish you could complete your thesis without headaches?
Would you like to submit journal manuscripts with more confidence?


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Yes, I need to share my research with the world!
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