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Andrea Devlin PhD, Editor of Science Editing Experts

Andrea Devlin, PhD

Editor and Founder

Andrea established Science Editing Experts in 2011 and carries out all of the editing and proofreading.

Her go-to morning beverage is black coffee and she likes to unwind by taking a walk in nature.

Marjorie Anne Talavera, Customer Support Specialist at Science Editing Experts

Marjorie Anne Talavera

Customer Support Specialist

Marjorie manages customer inquiries and invoicing, as well as everything related to admin and our website.

Her escape is diving into fiction, and while not into pop culture, she stays updated on its latest trends and events.

Our core E.T.H.I.C.S. at Science Editing Experts

We're proud of our quality service and our clients' satisfaction and success.

Andrea defined these six key values, but Marjorie realized that the first letter of each word spells ETHICS.

This lucky mistake was entirely accidental, but ETHICS accurately reflects our approach to everything we do!


We take pride in using our scientific knowledge and experience in academic publishing to benefit your research and, in turn, helping you to show off your expertise.


We promise not to share your details or research with anyone else (all client names, testimonials, and papers mentioned on our site are shared with the client’s permission).


We aim to give honest, constructive feedback on every file.

If we don’t have the expertise to help with your topic or project, we’ll let you know!


We measure our impact in terms of your success; helping our clients achieve their goals advances scientific research and helps to solve real-world issues.


Curiosity is the foundation of science; we approach every project with curiosity and rely on this instinct to ensure we fully understand your research.


We don’t just aim to support you with writing, but also increase your time for doing research and the things that matter to you.

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Here’s why Andrea founded Science Editing Experts

I’ve been fascinated by science since I was young

I grew up in the green rolling hills of rural Northern Ireland.

My family still joke about the fact that I was the only person to ever touch the encyclopedias; I continually read the sections about plants, space, and the human body.

I even tried to develop photograph negatives using table salt and writing paper. Unsurprisingly, this never worked…

I liked working in the laboratory, but I love to talk and write about science

My love for science led me to study Applied Biochemical Sciences at Ulster University. As part of my undergraduate degree, I completed a “sandwich” year working in the protein science department at the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

My supervisor at AstraZeneca constantly provided friendly, critical feedback on my writing and presentation skills, and taught me the importance of effective scientific writing. Crucially, he taught me how to read my own writing with a critical eye.

Later, I completed a PhD in cancer research/molecular biology at Ulster University. I also worked as a biology post-doc in a multidisciplinary collaboration with mathematical modelers.

You can find out more about my education and research on my Research Gate profile or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Below are the journal papers I contributed to during my PhD and post-doc.

While I enjoyed doing Western blots and real-time PCR, my favorite activity was writing about my research and delivering presentations to lab members, collaborators, and other scientists at conferences.

As a post-doc, I discovered that I really enjoyed helping undergraduates and PhD students develop their writing and presentation skills.

Now, I help other researchers ‘talk’ about their science

As I enjoyed teaching students how to improve their scientific writing skills, I started Science Editing Experts to help other scientists all over the world.

I relish the challenge of understanding the complex topics described in every new journal manuscript or dissertation, and then helping the authors to clearly communicate these concepts.

Now that I’ve left the lab for good, I work from my home in Moy, a village in Northern Ireland. Working at home allows me to focus in-depth on each manuscript and spend lots of time with my family.

The junior editor at Science Editing Experts: no manuscripts were harmed during this photo!

When I’m not busy editing, I love to spend time with my family, especially taking walks around the beautiful beaches and forests of Northern Ireland.

Papers that Acknowledge Science Editing Experts

Busy scientists...

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