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Our scientific editors will perfect the English in your journal manuscript in seven days or less,

so you can focus on your research and career 

without worrying if your paper will be rejected due to poor English



We've helped scientific researchers around the world to publish over 1000 manuscripts

Editors with science MSc/PhDs

All editors speak English as a native language and have Masters or PhDs from universities in the United Kingdom.

Our laboratory experience enables us to edit manuscripts in a wide range of subjects in the life sciences.

Friendly and professional

We treat each manuscript with professionalism and care, and return every edit within the turnaround time you select.

When you contact us, you'll communicate directly with the editor who will manage the editing of your manuscript.

Personalised feedback

If you choose our intensive editing service, we will provide personalised, constructive advice on your manuscript.

We combine our skill as science editors with our science education and laboratory experience to help you create a clear, easy-to-read paper.



"I was not sure what to expect because it was the first time that I ever used a professional service for editing. Especially, I did not know how a person not familiar with my field of research would deal with a very topic-specific manuscript. However, I found Science Editing Experts very professional, and they provided brilliant suggestions for improving my text. Also very fast, on time, no excuses and no delays and constructive communication, so I was able to ask and get immediate and helpful responses. You can really rely on this service, I never was disappointed! The service can really be recommended! "

Patricia Holm | Prof. Dr. rer. nat., Biologin
Departement Umweltwissenschaften, Universität Basel, Switzerland

"I would like to share the news about the recent publication of our book chapter about Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage and Resolution of Inflammation. It was great news that our chapter was published as “online first” due to its potential relevance to clinical research. I would like to acknowledge the importance of your professional editing service. During the process of revision of our manuscript by the publisher, we were asked to change just minor aspects, but absolutely nothing about English language. I think the high-quality written English provided by Science Editing Experts was a crucial factor for the publication success. "

Dr. Rodrigo Zapata, M.D.
Neurosurgeon, Rancagua, Chile

"I was afraid of receiving a quick and careless review without compromise. Compared to other editors, I received more than I expected from Science Editing Experts. The results revalued my expectations and I do really appreciate the professionalism, speed and commitment. I will recommend to my colleagues. In addition to helping me with the language, Science Editing Experts has really help me to improve my writing, to order my ideas to write them and to analyze each paragraph I write. In relation to my experiences with previous editors, the service of Science Editing Experts is very complete. "

Principal Investigator
Laboratorio de Hematobiología, Escuela Nacional de Medicina y Homeopatía, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico City, Mexico

" I can help you submit your manuscript with confidence "

Andrea Devlin PhD

Chief editor and owner of Science Editing Experts


Our two promises to you

As our editors have previously worked as scientists in research laboratories, we know how important your research is. That's why we make two important promises to you.

Money back guarantee

It is difficult to choose a new scientific editor. That's why we make a really important promise to all of our customers: if you're not happy with our editing, you can have your money back!

We're confident you'll be happy - none of our customers have asked for their money back yet!

Privacy and confidentiality

Science Editing Experts are a small group of full-time, dedicated scientific editors - we are not active researchers or employed as scientists.

We will not share your identity, email address, research findings or manuscript with anyone. There is no risk of your competitors seeing your important data before you publish. 

"I am happy. What I found was not only editing for the English but also the good comments on the science...and I got my manuscripts accepted for publishing. I like the sincerity, as Andrea suggests if I need intensive editing or standard editing in each topic...and the work is on time. I actually did suggest to my colleagues and students to use Science Editing Experts. "

Chidchanok Leethanakul, Assistant Professor
Department of Preventive Dentistry, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

" I'm confident you'll be satisfied with our editing - if not, you can have your money back! "

Andrea Devlin PhD

Chief editor and owner, Science Editing Experts


Customers from all over the world

Researchers and students all over the world have trusted Science Editing Experts to improve their manuscripts, including scientists from these universities and institutions

Helping researchers publish in a variety of journals

Science Editing Experts have helped researchers publish in a wide range of journals, including:

Editing options and prices





 Basic English and grammar proofreading - content and order of text not assessed


Complete spell check

Punctuation and grammar check

Appropriate use of tenses

Correct sentence construction

Basic scientific formatting 

Text edited using "Track Changes"






Intensive editing of English, content made clear, flow and presentation of information optimised 

Includes basic editing plus:

Comprehensive review of flow of information

Clarification of vague statements 

Removal of unnecessary text

Correct scientific styles & rules 

Minor rearrangement of text 

Suggestions for figures and tables

Basic table formatting

Minor word count reduction (< 15%)

Formatting to journal instructions 


Personalised feedback and advice on your manuscript



Please ask

Major rewriting of text 

Major word count reduction (> 15%)

Writing abstract

Writing highlights

Major rearrangement of text 

Other services or requests


In a rush?

Three-day turnaround editing costs 50% more: £4.50 GBP/British Pounds Sterling per 100 words for three day basic editing and £6.75 GBP/British Pounds Sterling for seven day intensive editing


Please enquire about the cost of editing for large files


Special re-edit rates available

Sometimes accepted manuscripts need to changed to satisfy the journal reviewers (e.g. if you were asked to add more data or include other information in the discussion). If your manuscript was previously edited by Science Editing Experts, we offer lower re-edit rates for editing the new text or whole re-written manuscript.

Questions about our editing serivce

Who are Science Editing Experts?  Where are you located?

We are a small group of full-time science editors. All editors speak English as a native language and have Masters or PhDs from universities in the United Kingdom. You can find out what inspired our owner and chief editor, Andrea Devlin, to start Science Editing Experts.

We are based in Moy, Northern Ireland, UK. Each of our editors work from their own homes.


What subjects can Science Editing Experts edit?

Our science education and practical laboratory experience enable us to understand a wide range of research in the life sciences. We mainly focus on biology and medicine, but have successfully edited papers on a wide range of subjects ranging from applied chemistry to computational/mathematical biology.


How much will to cost to edit my files? How do I work out the word count to be edited?

You can find out the details, turnaround times and cost of our editing services in the table above.

If you'd like a quote for editing your files, then please tell us about your manuscript. We'll contact you quickly to provide a quote.

The word count to be edited excludes the title page information, references and table contents; however, your editor will check the title page information and table contents for errors.


Which level of editing I should choose?

The details of basic and intensive editing services are provided above. We will be happy to advise you if you don't know which level of editing is required – please contact us.


Does my entire manuscript have to be edited, or can different sections be edited using basic and intensive editing?

Yes, you can specify that different sections of text have different levels of editing or are not edited at all. For example, you might like basic editing for your methods, and require intensive editing for everything else. There is no extra charge for using different levels of editing in the same document. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Can you format my manuscript according to the journal's instructions to authors?

If you select our intensive editing option, we will format your manuscript so it complies with your chosen journal’s instructions to authors. This can include minor reduction in the length of the text (by 15% or less) – without changing your ideas or removing data – to meet the journal’s word limit.


Can you reduce the length of my manuscript to meet a journal's word limit?

Our intensive editing option includes minor reduction in the length of the text (by 15% or more) – without changing your ideas or removing data – to meet the journal’s word limit. If your manuscript is more than 15% longer than the word limit allowed, please contact us for a free quote.


Can you format my reference list?

If you select our intensive editing option, we will check if your references are formatted in the correct style for your journal. Unfortunately, we do not format the style of the reference lists; the reference list is not included in the word count used to calculate the cost of editing.


How do I submit my files for editing?

Please tell us about your files. We’ll send you an acknowledgement email straight away, and you can send your manuscript by replying to the acknowledgement email and attaching your files. We’ll reply as quickly as we can to let you know the cost of editing.


What type of files should I send? Do I need to send the figures and tables?

We can accept Microsoft Word files for the main text, tables and legends. Either .doc or .docx file types are acceptable.

Please provide the figures if possible, preferably as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint or .pdf files, so the editor can fully understand your results and make sure the text describes your data and findings appropriately.


I have another question about editing

You can find out the details, turnaround times and cost of our editing services above. If you have any questions about our service, please contact us.


What happens after I submit my documents?

We will email you to let you know the files have arrived and confirm the exact cost of editing. Editing will begin once payment has been arranged or processed. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please contact us.


How do I pay for editing?

We can accept secure payments through PayPal (using a credit card or from a bank account) or by direct bank transfer. If you choose to use PayPal, we will send an invoice to your email address before editing begins. If you choose to pay by direct bank transfer, we will send you the necessary information.


How long will the editing take?

Your document will be returned by email within seven days if you choose regular 7 day turnaround or three days if you choose express 3 day turnaround. Our turnaround times include weekends. For example, if you submit your document for 3 day editing on Friday at 2 pm, it will be returned on Monday before 2 pm.

We ask that you check your email regularly to avoid delays, in case we need to ask you a question about your files.


What types of documents do you edit?

We can edit a wide range of documents, including manuscripts before submission to a journal, accepted manuscripts that require English editing, cover and response letters conference abstracts, Masters and PhD thesis chapters, job applications and CVs, grant proposals and other files.


How do I contact Science Editing Experts?

Please contact us or email us at info @ scienceeditingexperts.com. We will reply to you as quickly as we can.


What about the changes we make based on your suggestions? Will you check these changes before we submit the manuscript to the journal?

We often make suggestions on how your manuscript can be improved (e.g. add a sentence to explain something, make the text on the figures larger). We usually only suggest small changes. If you choose to make these changes before you submit the file to the journal, we will check/edit these changes for free.


What if I’m not happy with the editing?

We know it can be difficult to choose a scientific editor. That's why we make a really important promise to all of our customers: if you're not happy with our editing, you can have your money back! In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the changes, we can work with you to edit the file until you are satisfied.

We're confident you'll be happy - none of our customers have asked for their money back yet!


What about after we submit the manuscript to the journal, get the reviewers suggestions and correct the manuscript accordingly, do we have to pay for a final re-edit of the changes we made?

This would depend on the extent of the changes made. If the changes were quite minor (a few small sentences, changes in a few words), we would be happy to edit them for free. If the whole paper had to be re-written, or large sections of new text were added, we would have to charge to edit the new text. You can choose to have the new text edited, or the whole manuscript again.


Can you guarantee that my paper will be accepted by the journal?

There are many factors that determine whether the journal will review or accept a manuscript. We cannot guarantee that your paper will be accepted as we cannot control the quality of the science in your manuscript.

However, we can guarantee that the papers we edit will not be rejected due to a poor quality of English.


How can I be sure my personal information and research data will be safe?

Science Editing Experts are full-time, dedicated scientific editors - we are not active researchers or employed as scientists. We will not share your identity, email address, research findings or manuscript with anyone. There is no risk of your competitors seeing your important data before you publish.

The testimonials shown on our website are shown with the customers’ permission.

Science Editing Experts may store your email address under the UK Data Protection Act and use this information to provide you with useful information. We promise not to pass your contact details to any other companies or organisations. Science Editing Experts is governed by UK law.

"Thanks for your great help with improving the manuscripts. Now, the two papers were accepted by Frontiers. Thanks Andrea!"

PhD Student
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

" As part of our intensive editing service, we provide personalised feedback and advice to help you submit a professional manuscript "

Andrea Devlin PhD

Chief editor and owner, Science Editing Experts


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