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We teach dedicated life scientists

to write journal manuscripts with complete confidence,

so they can fulfil their passion for discovery

without frustration and rejection

Opening soon: scientific writing courses and coaching

Did anyone really teach you how to write a good journal manuscript?

Writing a journal manuscript is not easy, yet most scientists receive very little real training on this vital skill. Most importantly, most scientific writing guidance tells you what to do, but does not tell you how or what to write, let you practice, provide constructive feedback or help you learn and improve. 


You do not need to struggle anymore. 

Based on my experience of editing over 1000 manuscripts for scientists from around the world, I have developed a unique course that will take you from a frustrated, unsure writer to being able to write clear, well-organised journal papers with confidence.

This online course will include video tutorials, worksheets and frameworks, example text and case studies. If you feel you need more help, then you can take advantage of 1-to-1 personal feedback and advice on the work you produce during the course.



Nine steps towards writing journal manuscripts with complete confidence for dedicated life scientists

What you'll learn

Level 1. "Set" the story

Guiding you from lost and confused to prepared

You'll learn how to define the big question in every manuscript you write, so you'll stop being frustrated and become focused

We'll plan a super structure for your manuscript, so you can feel organised instead of overwhelmed

We'll explain how to demonstrate your data, so your figures change from cluttered to clear

Level 2. "Tell" the story

Guiding you from blank pages to a well-written manuscript

We'll show you how to present the processes you use, so your methods will change from complicated to precise

You'll learn how to narrate new knowledge, so your results will be concise, rather than confusing

We'll explain how to give clear context, so your introduction will stop being unfocused and become logical



Level 3. "Sell" the story

Guiding you from a rough draft to ready to submit

You'll learn how to indicate the innovation and implications of your work, so your discussion will transform from rambling to relevant

We'll teach you to create a superior snapshot, so your abstract and highlights will change from random to representative

Finally, we'll show you how to perfect & polish, so your manuscript can transform from
adequate to accepted!

Use this new worksheet to plan the structure and content of an effective discussion with confidence - in just 10 minutes - without becoming confused or overwhelmed

Learn how to transform your discussion
  • from frustrating to clear
  • from complicated to logical 
  • from rambling to accepted
in just 10 minutes!
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