Are you worried the reviewers will see basic errors in your manuscript?

We've edited thousands of life science manuscripts, so we know the most common mistakes in scientific writing - and we want you to avoid these errors.

These easy-to-understand videos will show you how to avoid basic mistakes and help you write manuscripts with more confidence.

You'll be able to apply this knowledge immediately, so you can spend more time actually doing research.

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"Don't miss our science editor's top writing tips, advice and fixes for life scientists"

I've noticed that most scientific writing advice is complicated and tells you WHAT to do, without explaining HOW or WHY.  I would like to change this!

Each video will give you one bite-sized piece of easy-to-follow less time than it takes to drink a coffee!

You will be able to apply these tips when writing your own manuscripts or thesis; these small steps will boost your skills and confidence as a scientific writer.


If you're a undergrad, PhD student, postdoc or researcher who struggles with scientific writing, then this mini-course is definitely for you! 

This is a friendly, welcoming space where life scientists can learn new tips and develop more confidence with writing manuscripts,

Scientific writing is like a whole new language on its own, so it doesn't matter if English is your first language or not - we all need some help! 

Nothing! It is completely free! 

'Science Editor's Five-Minute Fixes for Life Scientists' has been created by Andrea Devlin.  Andrea is the chief editor of Science Editing Experts and has helped hundreds of researchers from around the world publish their research in peer-reviewed journals or finish their PhD thesis.

Nobody is born with good scientific writing skills; it is a skill you need to learn and practice. Andrea was lucky to have some fantastic support from her supervisors during her undergrad and PhD in cancer research. 

In turn, she enjoyed sharing these skills with other students. Since becoming a scientific editor, Andrea has realised that many life scientists tend to make the same mistakes in their manuscripts and theses. Even worse, many researchers don't have the benefit of a friendly, helpful supervisor who can help them improve their writing skills.

That's what this mini-course is all about: a friendly, welcoming space where life scientists can learn new skills and develop more confidence with scientific writing. Come on in... 

If you're really struggling or need help with a specific aspect with scientific writing, then come on in and take some time to check out the mini-course. 

If you can't find the help you need, then I would love to hear from you! Other researchers will have the same problems too.