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  • you're a student or researcher in biology, medicine/allied subjects, life sciences or related STEM subjects
  • you need help to present your results clearly 
  • you want save time and effort

even if you have little or no confidence with scientific writing!

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What'll you learn in the 5-day challenge masterclass help you clearly present your experimental, basic, applied or quantitative research in biology, medicine and the life sciences (or closely related subjects such as chemistry and physics)

Day 1

The six ingredients

The six components that form the basis of effective titles...and that you'll use for the simple templates.

Day 2

The 'describe it' template

A basic template that works for most images (e.g., microscopy images, spectra, gels), as well as descriptive and statistical tables.

Day 3

The 'catch-all' template

A simple approach that works for almost any figure or table, regardless of whether the data shows a clear trend or not.

Day 4

The 'tell them' template

The 'champion template' that helps you describe your results with confidence and makes your work easy to understand.

Day 5

Bonus: The one page rule

The only rule you need to know to decide whether your figures, tables and legends/footnotes are clear and complete.


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