Which is the correct abbreviation for hours: 2h, 2 h, 2hs, 2 hs, 2hrs or 2 hrs?

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18th Oct 2011

Which is the correct abbreviation for hours: 2h, 2 h, 2hs, 2 hs, 2hrs or 2 hrs?

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Answer: 2 h.

This question follows a lot of the same rules as the last question on the correct use of ml.

The correct abbrevation for hours is h. Units should always be written in the singular form, for example h,  cm or mM (not hs, cms or mMs).  This rule always applies, even if you are talking about 1, 12 or 96 hours.

There should always be a space between the number and unit:  for example 2 µM, 3 cm and 5 ml (not 2µM, 3cm and 5ml). It’s easy to remember this rule if you imagine the text without abbreviations, because you would never write 2microliters, 3centimeters or 5milliliters.

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