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simple tip to improve scientific writing

One simple way make your scientific writing more professional

  The results showed that…… This phrase repeatedly comes up in the papers we edit and our editors always delete it or change it.  I’ll explain why we suggest you avoid using these words in this blog post, and provide some useful alternatives to help you improve your scientific writing. Firstly, “the results showed” is […]

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Which is correct: 5mLs, 5mL, 5 mLs or 5 mL?

  Which is correct: 5mls, 5ml, 5 mls or 5 ml? Answer: 5 mL. Units should always be written in the singular form, for example mL, cm, mM (not mLs, cms or mMs). This rule always applies, even if you are talking about 1, 10 or 100 mL. There should always be a space between the […]

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Using respectively correctly

Respectively is a very useful word in scientific writing; however, we often see this word used incorrectly. Here are some sentences that use the word “respectively” in the wrong way. Can you identify what’s wrong with each sentence? Did you spot what’s wrong with each example? Let’s look at them in turn…. Use respectively to […]

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