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New tool makes it easy to find appropriate keywords for your manuscript

Selecting keywords for a scientific paper is often difficult, and it’s important to get the keywords right so readers can find your work. The Medical Subject Headings section of the U.S. National Library of Science are responsible for the MeSH Library of approved keywords. They have recently launched a simple tool to help pick appropriate […]

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English science editing materials and methods: insertions and deletions

Example of our standard science editing service: materials and methods

When submitting manuscripts to scientific journals, it’s important to make sure that your materials and methods section is written very well, so that your reviewers can fully understand and evaluate your research. The language you use, the order of the methods and the level of detail you provide are all important. We understand that it […]

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Which is correct: up regulate, upregulate or up-regulate?

We ask a question every week on the rules of scientific writing and formatting. Test yourself and find out how much you know. It’s just for fun and maybe you’ll learn something new! We post every question on twitter (@ScienceExperts), our Facebook wall and here in our blog. The answer is provided below the question […]

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