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A bad example of a table editing in a scientific paper

Creating tables in scientific papers: basic formatting and titles

Tables can be a very important part of scientific papers.  A good scientific table should present the data simply, clearly and neatly, and allow the reader to understand the results without having to look at other sections of the paper.  However, a badly presented table could be very confusing, and may reduce the chances of […]

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Which is correct: 5mLs, 5mL, 5 mLs or 5 mL?

  Which is correct: 5mls, 5ml, 5 mls or 5 ml? Answer: 5 mL. Units should always be written in the singular form, for example mL, cm, mM (not mLs, cms or mMs). This rule always applies, even if you are talking about 1, 10 or 100 mL. There should always be a space between the […]

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View insertions and deletions in science editing

Tutorial: Scientific editing and using track changes in Word

The science editors at Science Editing Experts always use the Track Changes  feature of Microsoft Word. This is a really useful tool which allows you to review and accept changes one by one. In this post, I’ll provide a short tutorial for our blog readers who are not familiar with Track Changes.  I’ll use the […]

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Uniform guidelines for biomedical journals

The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (IJCME) is a group of science editors from 12 different journals. They have defined a standard set of rules and guidelines for preparing documents for their journals. The rules are called the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals, and the guidelines cover a number of areas, […]

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UK and US English spellings of scientific words

As if learning to write in the correct scientific style wasn’t difficult enough, we have to deal with two different spellings for many words! UK and US English is slightly different, and really I have no idea why we can’t agree on spelling on both sides of the Atlantic. Make sure to check if your […]

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