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scientific writing double negatives

Why are double negatives so confusing in scientific writing?

Someone stole my identity on Facebook.  They copied my profile picture, opened a fake account in my name, and then sent friend requests to my Facebook friends.  Such profile cloning attempts are becoming more common.  Criminals try to con people into sending money or to share malware and viruses.  If you’re worried profile cloning, then […]

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simple tip to improve scientific writing

One simple way make your scientific writing more professional

  The results showed that…… This phrase repeatedly comes up in the papers we edit and our editors always delete it or change it.  I’ll explain why we suggest you avoid using these words in this blog post, and provide some useful alternatives to help you improve your scientific writing. Firstly, “the results showed” is […]

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writing percentage values in scientific papers

Which is correct: In total, 60% of the patients… -or- In total, 60% (n = 30) of the patients… -or- In total, 60% (30/50) of the patients…?

It’s time for another of our questions on the rules of scientific editing! We hope you think these questions are a simple way to learn the basic rules of writing and editing for scientific manuscripts and journal papers.  Before we reveal the answer, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@ScienceExperts), join us on Facebook […]

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